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We will request a prescription from your doctor and fill out all necessary forms to bill MaineCare, Medicare or your commercial insurance for you. 

Products to fit your needs

Our knowledgeable staff will help you get the supplies you need, when you need them. We carry products from leading manufacturers like Bard, Hollister, and Coloplast. If we do not have your preferred brand, or your insurance doesn’t cover it we’ll help you find a good alternative. 

Bedard Medical Supplies is your complete source for all urological supplies. We deliver for free within 25 miles of any of our locations or we can ship directly to you. We accept MaineCare, Medicare, and most major commercial insurance plans. 

Lower your risk of developing urinary tract infections, otherwise known as UTIs.

Make sure you learn how to insert your catheters correctly. It can take time to learn, but make sure you review the correct method with your doctor or nurse. Ask questions if you are having difficulty. Advocate for yourself and make sure you learn properly.

Using insertion kits can help. Insertion kits include products that help keep a clean environment.

If you suspect you maybe developing a UTI, reach out to your physician’s office right away.

Tips on using your catheters

  1. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds thoroughly using warm water and antibacterial soap before and after inserting your catheter.
  2. Make sure you stay hydrated! Unless your physician recommends otherwise, drink plenty of fluids during the day. This promotes good bladder and kidney function.
  3. Avoid caffeine if possible. If you must drink your coffee, who doesn’t? Try to limit yourself to two cups a day.
  4. Take a deep breath and relax before inserting your catheter.

What does MaineCare / Medicaid cover for urological supplies?

MaineCare guidelines for Urological products*

Doctors written order must list quantity used per month
Intermittent Catheters
Straight / Coude Intermittent Catheter – Up to 200 a Month
Sterile Lubricant Packet – Up to 200 a Month (One packet of lubricant per catheter)
Sterile Intermittent Closed System Catheter Tray – Up to 200 a Month
Indwelling Catheters / Foleys
Latex Foley – Up to 1 a Month
Coude Foley – Up to 1 a Month
Silastic Foley – Up to 1 a Month
All-Silicone Foley – Up to 1 a Month
Trays / Syringes
Insertion Tray – Up to 1 a Month
Irrigation Syringe (Bulb or Piston) – Up to 1 a Month
External Catheters
Male External Catheter – Up to 35 a Month
Specialty Male External Catheter – Not Specified
Extension Tubing – Up to 1 a Month
Catheter Strip – Up to 3 a Week (Coverage available with indwelling catheters only)
Leg Strap – Up to 1 a Month (Coverage available with indwelling catheters only)
Tape (1”) – Up to 5 yds. / Month (Coverage available with indwelling catheters only)
Bedside Drainage Bag Up to 2 a Month
Appliance Cleaner Up to 16 oz a Month (Coverage available for us with drainage container)
*Unless otherwise noted, the information on this page was taken from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This could change and Bedard Medical Supplies cannot be held responsible for the continued currency or for any errors or omissions in the information.
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