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Bedard Medical is a local provider of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) equipment and supplies to continue wound care after being discharged from the hospital. We’ve partnered with Medela to provide the same high-quality technology used in hospitals while at home. We handle all insurance verification and billing and deliver equipment and supplies directly to the patient’s home or hospital bed. In addition to NPWT we also carry a variety of both general and advanced Wound Care Supplies from leading manufacturers like Mölnlycke and McKesson.

Medela NPWT Invia Liberty Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

Invia® Liberty NPWT Pump

Incredibly lightweight, just 2.2 lbs, the Invia Liberty NPWT pump supplies an adjustable negative pressure range from -40mmHg to – 200mmHg. The invia liberty has two therapy modes, either constant or intermittent. Features electronic measuring and monitoring.
This NPWT Pump can be used with gauze or foam dressing kits.

Invia Liberty Simulator

Click to download the simulator to learn the button system on the easy to use Liberty NPWT Pump.
Medela NPWT Invia Liberty Canister Change - How to NPWT

Invia® Liberty Canisters

Canisters come in either 300 ml or 800ml sizes. Canisters come with a solidifier, and carbon filter to filter smell. 
Just a one-touch release. 

Medela NPWT Invia Liberty Travel Bag

Invia® Liberty Carry Case

This carrying case makes it easy to grab and go.

Canister Tubing for the Invia Liberty.

Double Lumen Tubing

The invia canister tubing has two lumens, the smaller one regulates the pressure while the larger one removes the fluid from the wound into the canister. The Quick-connector at the end of the canister tubing connects to the FitPad tubing.

Negative Pressure Made Easy

Simple instruction videos and quick cards to help you become confident and knowledgable in NPWT. 
Negative Pressure Wound Therapy 1

Invia® Motion NPWT pump

The lightweight (.81 lbs) Invia Motion NPWT pump is a personal use pump which provides an adjustable negative pressure from -40mmHg to -175mmHg and two therapy modes, constant or intermittent. It can be used with foam or gauze dressings. The Invia Motion NPWT pump can be used in all healthcare settings.
10 Hours of Battery Time

NPWT invia motion

Invia® Liberty Canister and Tubing Set

The Invia Motion canister/tubing set is an accessory of the Invia Motion NPWT System. IT is intended to collect wound exudate and infections materials. The Quick-connector at the end of the canister tubing connects to the FitPad tubing.

NPWT Invia Motion Carrying Bag

Invia® Motion Carry Case

The Invia Motion comes with a small discrete carrying case. The carrying case for the Motion NPWT pump allows the patient to be mobile.It can be worn in multiple configurations. The carrying case is single use per patient and disposed of after treatment discontinues.


Invia® Foam Dressing Kit with FitPad

The Invia foam is a reticulated open pore structure made from a flexible polyurethane hydrophobic material. The foam is available in a dressing kit with a FitPad and transparent film(s). The kits com in small, medium, large, and extra large sizes.

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy How To

Service Area

We’re located in Auburn, Maine and service the entire state.

What makes Bedard different?

We offer competitive pricing, supplies based on patient need and not case quantity, and two pump sizes.

Additional Benefits:

·       24/7 support

·       A clinical and patient instructional App

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